EPISODE 5: Living Worry Free

Is worrying ok for Christians ever? With everything going on in the world, it seems impossible to rest in peace or find relief from the pain that is surrounding us on all sides. What can we do with the emotions that come so naturally from the trials and difficulties that we are faced with? As Christians, we can actually walk anxiety and worry free, finding confidence in Christ Jesus and the promises He has made us. 

Part of preventing being overwhelmed, which leads to stress and anxiety, is setting healthy boundaries. Realigning where your gaze is, and taking a moment to rest, truly REST in the Lord’s forgiving and tender grace. We can walk without fear, we can face our stress and anxiety with the power and confidence we find in Christ Jesus! Join the conversation with us by listening in anywhere podcasts are!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Is it OK to worry and feel stressed or anxious? 
  • How your priorities might be affecting your levels of fear. 
  • Where you put your trust will be reflected in your own emotional control! 
  • Are you leaning on the Holy Spirit? How we can trust the Lord and do good instead of despairing. 

Important info mentioned: 

  • If you have any questions you’d like us to discuss on future episodes. Feel free to send them in to CONTACT@hopewehold.com.

Scripture mentioned:

  • Psalm 131 
  • Philippians 2:20
  • Luke 12:22
  • Luke 10:4-6
  • Matt 6:32
  • Matt 6:33
  • Romans 8:28
  • Proverbs 31:25

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