EPISODE 30: How to Handle Hatred

Do you struggle with dislike or hatred for someone that you know you should love? 

Acknowledge your hatred and grief in prayer.

Do you need encouragement and wisdom on the subject of hatred? God’s grace is suffice for you, in fact there is victory for you in this matter.

Jeremy and his mother share in this episode what to do if you  ever struggled with imagined scenarios or words you want to say as a defense, or to inflict hurt, or to win higher ground, only for those words and imagined scenarios to keep repeating and repeating relentlessly in your mind. Here is what Christ calls you to!

Return good for evil. That is what Christ has called us to. And He gives us the power to do it! 

How should you handle hatred? It’s today’s podcast topic, tune in! 

In this episode:

  • Jeremy’s mom joins our podcast to discuss the podcast of hatred and grief.

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