EPISODE 28: Hope In Poverty: Amor’s Story

We’ve decided to do something unique through the podcast this season! We will be partnering with Compassion International, to find more sponsors for children who are much like Amor. 

We have a partnership with Compassion because we trust the way they work. When I invest $38 every month (per child), I know that 80% of that is being spent specifically for the development of the little girls we sponsor. Compassion doesn’t give money directly to children, because they know that just handing out money isn’t going to make a long-term impact. But spending that money wisely for nutrition and healthcare and education – teaching boys and girls to grow up and escape poverty – that makes a huge difference. And Compassion does it all through local churches around the world.

So we have a goal of finding new sponsors for at least 100 children with this podcast, and I think we’re actually going to blow that goal away.

We’ve made it really simple for you. You have two options. The first is that right now, even as you are listening, open up a text and send the word HOLD to 83393. You are going to get a text back with a picture of a child and a link. Click that link and follow the steps to start sponsoring. It’s super simple. Start to text to 83393, and send the word HOLD to 83393.

Or go to http://compassion.com/hopewehold to see a bonus video from this episode with more of our conversation, and then you can choose exactly which boy or girl you want to sponsor.

In this episode:

  • Amor shares her beautiful, incredible life journey!
  • We get to share more about Compassion and extend an invitation to you to join us! 

Important info: 

  • Text 83393 and send the word HOLD and you’ll get a link to follow and start sponsoring. Or to see bonus content from this episode, go to compassion.com/hopewehold and you can see that video and choose a boy or girl to sponsor personally. 

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