EPISODE 18: Having Fun with Family: an Interview with Jessa and Ben Seewald

What was your childhood experience like? In this episode we discuss how ultimately the culture of a home ought to reflect the evidence of a changed life. Joining us is Ben and Jessa Seewald to talk about some things they’ve done, and some things they’ve learned along the way of how to make a home one that their kids will remember enjoying. 

Most of us have a list of things that we don’t want to define our children’s home life, but not many of us have a list of things that we DO want! What are you prioritizing at home today for your family? Tune in!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Setting a home environment for your kids, and how that should demonstrate the beauty of Jesus and how He has changed our lives. 
  • What we enjoyed about our upbringings, and how our parents made the house a fun and enjoyable place. 
  • Fun and practical ways to make your children’s home experience peaceful and joy filled. 

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