EPISODE 17: Handling Criticism Well

Do you think we’ll get criticized for this episode?  Criticism really comes down to LOVE. Yes, we believe this is a love issue, both in being willing to speak and not to speak in other’s lives. There are two dimensions to love, both the method and the motivation behind what we say and how we say it. 

“If compliments go to your head, criticism will cut to your heart.” 

Have you ever been confronted by a friend in love? You probably were hurt, but it also may have increased your appreciation of that person and if done correctly, deepened your relationship. 

A true friend will care enough about you to tell you what you need to hear. And don’t we want to be that type of friend? 

In this episode we discuss healthy, and godly ways to go about both receiving and giving criticism. We hope you tune in and share your thoughts with us on social media! 

“I don’t want to shut off my sphere of influence with people who already agree with me. When we no longer start to desire voices we trust but are different, we can no longer trust our decisions. I think it’s critical we continue to listen to voices we trust even though they disagree with us.”

In this episode we discuss:

  • Living in integrity.
  • The method and motivation that should be behind loving criticism. 
  • How we should be giving and receiving criticism! 

Scripture mentioned:

  • Romans 15:4, 13 
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