EPISODE 16: Peace in The Pandemic: An Interview with Austin T. Duncan

A lot of opinions are being thrown around, you could sit ten people down, ask their thoughts on how we should respond to COVID-19 and you’ll likely get ten different answers. The holy spirit is the Lord of your consciousness, so what do we do?

A better question to ask might be … what is life going to look like for you beyond the year 2020? If you reflect on the last few months and feel discouraged, disappointed, or let down, this episode is for you. This interview is with Austin T. Duncan, who brings a message that we trust will uplift, embolden, and give you new hope. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • The pandemic, and why it’s not the most important issue in the universe. 
  • Why a wise Christian doesn’t find themself in an extreme position on things that aren’t cornerstone issues in the bible.
  • Walking with wisdom requires not stepping on toes spiritually. 

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