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EPISODE 11: Staying Encouraged While Single

We are by no means marriage experts! But over the past few weeks, several of you have reached out and asked us to talk about singleness. What we learned from our single years and what we would’ve done differently!  What do you believe about singleness? Every stage of life will present you with it’s struggles. […]

EPISODE 9: Finding Complete Forgiveness

Did you know that real repentance requires both humility and a desire for restoration?  We all have to deal with forgiveness at some point or other in our lives! Everywhere you look you can see pain, broken relationships, damaged feelings, and damaged people. Maybe you have been feeling this way yourself lately? There is hope […]

EPISODE 8: People Are Interesting

Lately, we’ve been learning a lot! While we haven’t  been married forever — nearly four years — the on-going discovery of one another has been incredibly fun, and quite an adventure. In the book The Meaning of Marriage, there is a quote that stands profoundly out to us, “For marriage, being [the enormous thing it […]

EPISODE 7: Is There Hope in Suffering?

In the midst of your darkest times there are beautiful moments to be discovered. This is an extra special interview for us! Holding on together and treasuring Jesus in the midst of the unimaginable is exactly what our dear friends are here to talk about. When someone is suffering, you can’t genuinely understand how they […]

EPISODE 6: Let’s Talk About Vacation

This life is meant to be enjoyed! Ecclesiastes 9:7-10 We can so easily overwork ourselves and neglect our loved ones – sometimes even our own relationship with God! – in the name of GOOD work. We are parents, friends, employees, employers, pastors, parishioners, and there is the good gospel we want to share with the […]

EPISODE 5: Living Worry Free

Is worrying ok for Christians ever? With everything going on in the world, it seems impossible to rest in peace or find relief from the pain that is surrounding us on all sides. What can we do with the emotions that come so naturally from the trials and difficulties that we are faced with? As […]

EPISODE 4: Generous like Jesus

Generosity, what does that word even really mean? In the Christian world, our minds might instantly go to money and specifically tithing. Did you know that generosity is actually a spiritual gift? Not only that, it’s a habit all Christians should be practicing on a regular basis, and something that goes far beyond simply donating […]

EPISODE 3: Do you know your neighbors?

What really is hospitality? In today’s fast paced, self-focused world, that word might carry an imminent element of fear or of stress. Opening your home and your hearts to others on a regular basis is really an extension of the invitation we’ve received from Christ into God’s family. Learn more about the life changing concept […]