Author: hopewehold

EPISODE 17: Handling Criticism Well

Do you think we’ll get criticized for this episode?  Criticism really comes down to LOVE. Yes, we believe this is a love issue, both in being willing to speak and not to speak in other’s lives. There are two dimensions to love, both the method and the motivation behind what we say and how we […]

EPISODE 13: How We Communicate Matters

What do you know about the importance of communication? It isn’t enough to be communicating consistently, it matters how we are choosing to communicate. The long lasting effects of what we say and how we say bleed into all aspects of the relationships we walk in.  Talking often, talking intentionally, talking selflessly. All of these […]

EPISODE 11: Staying Encouraged While Single

We are by no means marriage experts! But over the past few weeks, several of you have reached out and asked us to talk about singleness. What we learned from our single years and what we would’ve done differently!  What do you believe about singleness? Every stage of life will present you with it’s struggles. […]