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EPISODE 31: Why We Love Christmas!

We are talking about everything Christmas! And we are enlisting the help of not just one, but SEVERAL guests to discuss favorite Christmas traditions and more. It’s a Christmas special and we want to say thank you for supporting our new podcast endeavor these past ways in ways bigger than we could ever imagine. Tune […]

EPISODE 30: How to Handle Hatred

Do you struggle with dislike or hatred for someone that you know you should love?  Acknowledge your hatred and grief in prayer. Do you need encouragement and wisdom on the subject of hatred? God’s grace is suffice for you, in fact there is victory for you in this matter. Jeremy and his mother share in […]

EPISODE 29: You Need a Mentor!

Do you wish you had a mentor invested in your life? Then this episode is for you! The people you spend the most time with DO influence your behavior, your preferences, and most importantly, your spiritual walk!  Chuck Vuolo is our guest in this episode, here to discuss the concept of mentorship. Not only the […]

EPISODE 28: Hope In Poverty: Amor’s Story

We’ve decided to do something unique through the podcast this season! We will be partnering with Compassion International, to find more sponsors for children who are much like Amor.  We have a partnership with Compassion because we trust the way they work. When I invest $38 every month (per child), I know that 80% of […]

EPISODE 26: Jeremy’s testimony of faith!

How do you go from being raised in a Christian household to being arrested? Jeremy’s testimony follows that exact line, but there’s so much more that God was doing through his journey.  “I was aware that I didn’t want to slope into sin, but I also didn’t want to bring shame to my father who […]

EPISODE 25: Jinger’s story of faith

The outflow of loving God, as Jesus says, is loving others! When you grow up in a Christian home, it can be easy to wonder if you are really saved. Jinger shares her personal testimony and journey of faith in intimate detail along with the struggles and doubt she faced growing up.  God is just. […]